Saturday, August 30, 2008

Witnessing at Huntington Beach

Today we went to Huntington Beach. I did a lot of one-on-one conversations. I talked with a lot of people. A "Lady Mentor" Anita, Michelle, and I walked along the beach and talked to people. We handed out million dollar tracts to many people. Here we are talking to a couple of guys sitting on the side. The one I talked with was Andy. I showed him the "red and blue" curved illusion tract. It always makes people who haven't seen it laugh or jump back. Michelle is on the left, I'm in the middle, and Anita is on my right.

In this encounter, I was able to address the common misunderstandings that people have about the definition of "good" and what repentance really means. Michelle began by showing them the curved illusion. When we told them there was a Gospel message on the other side, we transitioned from the natural to the supernatural. I asked him if he'd thought about what would happen when he died. He hadn't really given it much thought. I asked Andy where he thought he would go when he died. He thought that if he was just really good then he would go to heaven. I took him through the good person test and he saw that if he were to be judged by God's standard that he would be guilty. I explained that his standard of good isn't God's standard of good and that his standard doesn't matter- only God's. He understood that if God used that standard (and He most certainly will) to judge him that he would go to hell. He said it concerned him.

I explained the good news. Never leave out the good news that Jesus paid the penalty for a crime he committed that one could never pay. Then I explained he needed to repent and asked if he knew what that meant. He said something funny. He said, "Just be sorry about it and then do a 360." I told him, "Andy, I think I found out where the problem is. You see, a 360 is going to get you right back where you started from and that's just being sorry. But, if you do a 180 then you've totally turned the opposite direction and THAT is repentance.” Both he and his friend laughed. The entire Gospel was presented. But, they really got it. Again, they thanked us and we thanked them for their time and moved on.

Anita, a Lady Mentor, handed a tract to a Hispanic family. Luckily she speaks Spanish. We talked to a group of Hispanic boys under the pier. There are many people under the pier. Michelle showed them the “red and blue” and I shared the message. She wanted to just get up the courage to show people tracts and I wanted to practice talking with people so we tag teamed it. Michelle was only 20 and is the daughter of Tony Miano, the Director of the Academy. Her story is inspiring. I’ll tell it another day. She has overcome extreme physical challenges from birth and is being obedient to the faith. Back to the guys under the pier- again, the guys listened and weren’t combative at all. There was one who got REALLY quiet and was asking lot of questions. We answered his questions and then thanked them for their time and they thanked us and we moved on.

No one got angry at us and in fact all were thinking about something they had never given much thought to before today: eternity- not just death. Eternity is just the beginning. But you must accept Jesus before you die.

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