Friday, August 29, 2008

Stoplight Preaching

I had my first "Stoplight preaching" experience. This is a technique where you have your team hand out million dollar bills (it's a tract) to people and then when they gather you begin preaching. You try to be done before the stoplight turns. The entire Gospel in 45-90 seconds. It is tough, but it is great practice. You never know when you will only have that amount of time to get the Gospel out. Once I'd stop light preached, it was much easier to get to the point when going through the drive-thru at a fast food restaurant.

This picture captured a moment...I was so shocked when I saw it on my camera. Someone had taken a picture of me right when my eyes locked onto a gentleman who stopped and turned around and listened on the street corner. The light turned green and he had turned around and was listening. The crowd started and so did his wife/girlfriend but he just stood there. He didn't move. They snapped the camera at the moment that I started to break down and plead for people not to dismiss the message. He was still standing there listening and his wife/girlfriend walked back across to pull him along. That is a very personal moment. I'll never forget it.

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