Friday, August 29, 2008

Four teen guys in Glendale

One of the highlights of my evening came when my partner, Jaylene and I walked up to try to witness to one more person before we got on the bus. I saw these 4 teenage boys and showed them the optical illusion tract (a.k.a "red and blue"). They had been kind of rowdy- just typical teenage bravado and one was smart alecky at first, cutting up and such, but then once I started talking, there was one kid who really was listening.

Eventually, he told his friends to shut up and he just listened intently. He even got a phone call and wouldn’t take the call- just hung up or sent it to voice mail. The Holy Spirit was moving on him. Then the others started listening and even the 4th rowdy one calmed down. I laid out the whole Gospel, The Law, Judgment, Hell, Grace, Belief and Repentance. I took the time to explain them all in depth. When it was time to go, they thanked us and slowly walked away talking about what we had just spent 20 minutes talking to them about. The seed was planted! The curved illusion tract is VERY effective. You can click here for the curved illusion tract. is also a fabulous place for tracts.

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