Friday, July 6, 2007

Witnessing to a Jew at the Mall

I took the girls to Build A Bear and got my son (their brother) a gift card and a Spider Man outfit for his Husky. He was excited. On our way out of Build a Bear, we got accosted by a vendor in the mall selling natural sea salt products and nail buffers. This began a witnessing opportunity with a Jewish man who had only been in the states a few months.

He was from Israel, so of course the opportunity was ripe for witnessing. I was so proud of the girls. They waited patiently and didn’t interrupt while I was talking to this young man.

I asked him how long he had been here and what were his dreams. He said he was going to work and make a lot of money. I said, "And then what?" Then he wanted to buy a house, a car, get married, have kids etc. I said, "And then what?" Finally, he ran out of things he was going to do. I said, "And, then you will die. I said 10 out of 10 of us die and none of that stuff matters when we die." He said I had a good point.

I asked if he thought he was a good person. He said he was. I gave him the good person test and told him that this was G_d's standard, the law that He had given to Moshe (Moses). I knew that mentioning Jesus was going to be difficult but, I treaded carefully. As I told him that Jesus was not just a prophet he WAS the Messiah his eyes were getting wider. I could tell he was probably thinking, "Why did I try to sell the sea salt to this lady?!" I encouraged him to read Isaiah 53 and ask who he thought it was talking about. While he didn’t believe in Jesus as God, what I said did make him speechless and made him think. It’s an act of the Holy Spirit and I’m just the seed planter.

The thing that made him speechless was when I was told him about the 60 or so prophecies from the Old Testament concerning Christ. He assured me the Old Testament was the ONLY testament he reads. I told him that the statistical odds of 1 man fulfilling only 8 of these prophecies was 1 in 10 to the 17th power. That is1 in 10,000,000,000,000,000. I then explained that because Jesus couldn’t manipulate the city of his birth, or the fact that Mary and Joseph went to Egypt with him as a baby, or even his lineage or being named Jesus that he couldn’t argue that Jesus was just some opportunist who was familiar with the OT and tried to make himself “fit” the description. I then helped him to understand how large this number would be by telling him that it is the equivalent of filling the entire state of Texas with silver dollars, knee deep (appx. 2 ft.), blindfolding a person and telling him that you dropped one coin that has an “X” on it and that he has one chance to reach down and pick that coin out.

He understood, shuffled his feet a bit, looked at me, and just couldn’t say a word! He wasn't angry but just stunned. I encouraged him to read the Old Testament and ask himself, "Could Jesus be the Messiah?" I pray for that young man that the veil will fall from his heart.

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